A Busy, Scary Weekend!

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So this past weekend has been really busy and really scary. Sunday I had a class in Wilkins Township, PA. The weather has been really crappy in the Northeast lately. My driveway is horribly icy. My car has been stuck in the driveway since just after Christmas. I don’t drive our one ton van in and out of our 10th of a mile long driveway when it is an ice skating rink. So my dear hubby, Jim, had to drive me to my event, and back.

Even though I am a health and wellness coach, I cannot change the damage that has occurred in bodies before you start eating healthy. My hubby and I have been eating and living a healthy lifestyle for over two years. But…

On our way home, we were about half-way, when he scared the be-jabbers out of me. In a very not like him tone of voice he said “Hon”. I very quickly sat up and said “what?” He said, “I think I had a T.I.A.

If you don’t know what a T.I.A. is, it stands for Trans Ischemic Attack. Most people call it a mini stroke. His left arm was weak, but he didn’t seem to have any other symptoms. He took two aspirins and told me he wasn’t going to the hospital. (Not smart, and in hindsight, I would have taken him anyway.)

We got home, and on Monday I took him to our PCP. Tuesday, he had an MRI of his brain and Wednesday he had an electrocardiogram, and a bilateral Doppler of his carotid arteries. They also put a monitor on him for 48 hours, we will get the results of that next week. The MRI showed that is wasn’t a TIA, it was a real stroke and the doppler of his carotid arteries showed that he has a 70% blockage of the right carotid.

He cannot lift anything over 35 pounds. We are waiting for his appointment on the 23rd of February to see what our options are.

I will keep you posted and thank you in advance for your prayers.