What is a Wholesale Account?

Have you ever heard the term wholesale account and wonder what that was or what it meant? Well, in this post I will explain it to you.

What a wholesale account is:

  • 25% off pricing
  • Ability to participate in special rewards programs, if you choose
  • Ability to receive free products, if you choose
  • Support in knowing how to properly use the products, if you choose
  • Ability to qualify for bonuses, if you choose

It’s basically like having a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. You become a member for one year, you get discount prices for that year on everything you buy, and that’s it.

What a wholesale account is NOT:

  • A commitment to buy future products
  • A commitment to sell products
  • A commitment to recruit
  • A promise to surrender your life and that of your children. 😉

Are you getting the idea? There are tons of opportunities, programs, and bonuses available to everyone who carries a wholesale account, but it doesn’t mean that they have to use them. There are a ton of perks that my Sam’s Club Membership has that I have never used.

To help you avoid missing out on ANY of the perks to having a wholesale account AND being on my team, I am going to list everything that is available to you. If YOU choose. Plus, I’ll even break it down by the different ways people use their wholesale account (but it is ALL available to ALL members of my team!)

Here’s the smorgasbord! Pick and choose as you’d like: 

Use the oils personally:

  • The deepest discount: 25% savings on everything you purchase—no minimums.
  • The option to participate in a Rewards Program, earning free product
  • The option of being included in our Facebook forum for product questions, information, and support
  • The ability to place orders through your account online
  • The option of a free wellness consult valued at $75 to determine which oils are best for you

Sharing the oils casually with friends and family:

  • The ability to earn commissions & bonuses
  • The ability to earn free products and qualify for promotions
  • Access to our private team Facebook page where you can ask questions and get support
  • Step by step support in using the product, sharing the product, or building your business
  • The option of hosting events (I even can come present at it)

Doing it as a source of income:

  • Guidance and mentor-ship every step of the way
  • Monthly team calls, weekly team calls, and one on one mentor calls
  • A free business website
  • Online account management
  • Business training
  • Work with like-minded people as a team
  • I can personally come out, present at your event, and provide training to help get you started!

To open a wholesale account simply fill out the form found here and I’ll contact you to do it over the phone or you can do it online yourself, just shoot me a quick message and I’ll give you step by step instructions, making it super easy!

Also, keep up to date with tips, education, specials, and events here!

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