Get Into Nature!

tree climbing

My two youngest granddaughters climbing around on a tree that blew down in a storm on our property.


I heard a commercial on the radio the other day about getting your kids back into nature. On the commercial, the son came out of his room and when he spoke to the father, he sounded like a video game. The daughter came out of her room and same thing…her voice was all distorted as well. I don’t remember exactly who paid for the commercial, but the gist of it was get your kids unplugged and get out into nature.

Richard Louv, in his book “Last Child in the Woods“, coined the term Continue reading →

10 Super Duper, Super Foods You Should be Eating and Why!

harvest basket 2


The food you eat can either kill you or cure you! Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said it first…Let Food by thy Medicine! It’s the tagline of this blog and my coaching practice.

Another doctor, less famous asked this question; “Do you know that more people commit suicide with their knife and fork than with any other implement?”

So if food is medicine, then what are Continue reading →

Meeting New People

Tastes of the Alleghenies-5

I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of nice people today while being a vendor at the Tastes of the Alleghenies event in Hollidaysburg, PA hosted by the Altoona Mirror.

It was a celebration of foods. There were nutritionists, a food co-op, a lady who raised Aracauna and Americauna Chickens, and sold her free range eggs. I was extremely excited to meet her, because I too have Aracauna chickens. They are also known as Easter egg chickens, because Continue reading →

Teriyaki Salmon with Vegetables

Salmon dinner

Since my dear hubby had a stroke last weekend, for Valentines Day, I decided to forgo my favorite dinner, steak on the grill, for something a little more heart healthy and I came up with this recipe.

I really, really liked it…my hubby, not so much. After I took the first bite, I knew he wasn’t going to like it. Teriyaki Sauce is sweet. I did not know this. 🙁 He doesn’t like sweet meat or fish.

Anyway, here is the recipe for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

Teriyaki Salmon with Vegetables Continue reading →

A Busy, Scary Weekend!

image (10)

So this past weekend has been really busy and really scary. Sunday I had a class in Wilkins Township, PA. The weather has been really crappy in the Northeast lately. My driveway is horribly icy. My car has been stuck in the driveway since just after Christmas. I don’t drive our one ton van in and out of our 10th of a mile long driveway when it is an ice skating rink. So my dear hubby, Jim, had to drive me to my event, and back.

Even though I am a health and wellness coach, I cannot change the damage that has occurred in bodies before you start eating healthy. My hubby and I have been eating and living a healthy lifestyle for over two years. But… Continue reading →

Happy Halloween, Happy Harvest

Halloween Wishes


What Do I Do With All This Harvest?

Gathering the last of the harvest in the fall months leaves windowsills, tables and baskets full of tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, peppers, beets, apples and sweet potatoes. These yummy foods sit waiting to be used up. You’re left with so much fresh, precious food and so little time. The neighbors get to share in the excess and you send it home with anyone who darkens your door. All your labor of the spring and long hot summer has finally paid off, in rich dividends.  Now, what do you do with everything you have left?

Now is the time to save some money. So many dishes can be made from these wonderful veggies and fruits. Here are some ideas for your next meal or two, or three or more.

Fresh Salsa

Fresh salsa is a big hit for fall. You can use the yellow, red or green peppers finely sliced along with some fresh onion and garlic to create your own salsa. Depending on the peppers you have planted you can make a Mexican salsa as well as a simple tomato salsa. If you have harvested peaches or apple, you can even make a salsa with these items. If you choose to can salsa make sure you follow a recipe that is tried and sure to keep the acid out of your salsa.

Sweet Potato Dishes Galore

Sweet potatoes have huge nutritional benefits. A sweet potato pie is just one of the many yummy things you can make. This root makes wonderful custards, casseroles and stews. It keeps fairly well if kept in dark places. Once is has become woody, it is no longer good for use.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini makes the best bread and is a treat in the fall. You can freeze this vegetable and use it all winter long in breads and potato pancakes (try adding zucchini to this.)

Decorate Your Home with Squash & Gourds

Squash and gourds can be used as decoration in your home or yard.  If you’ve harvested them you will know that they are everywhere in the fall. Take some fall flowers (mums are particularly hardy), squash and gourds and make table decorations from them. Of course you can prepare and freeze squash for winter use.

Hash It Out Over Hash of All Kinds

Beets diced up finely with some fresh potatoes and a little pot roast or corned beef finely diced will make a tasty hash. Don’t count this out in the fall. You can make a hash with apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash or really anything you desire. The word hash encompasses a lot of different foods of your choice. If you wanted to omit the meat you could make a simple veggie and fruit hash. Search the net for some recipes.

Apples, Apples, Apples

Apples not only taste good but they make the house smell delicious as well. Applesauce is a great way to use up the apple leftovers and you can also freeze this for later use. Apple pies, apple cobblers (and peach too), apple crisp and apple butter are just a few of the ways you can use up your harvest.

With winter fast approaching, you will want to get as many of your goodies up in cans tucked away or frozen. There’s nothing like going to the pantry or freezer and seeing your hard labor waiting for you. Happy Harvest!